People Want Content for Real Life, and They Find It on Demand Media’s Properties


When we started Demand Media we saw an unfilled need for the kind of content people are looking for to help them in their real lives. There are plenty of places to get informed on breaking news, see what celebrities are wearing, and get updates on sports teams. What we set out to do was to help people better manage all the little moments in their own real lives, both the fun ones and the challenging ones.

We wanted to help people prepare real food, create their own real style, get real results from their diet, really laugh, and make their everyday life goals become a reality.

We wanted to help advertisers make real connections with consumers precisely when they are in need of their products.

Today more than 80 million people visit our sites every month in the U.S. We’re the 12th largest web property, and we’re helping 1 out of every 3 people online in the U.S. find answers, inspiration and ways to make their real lives better. We know that real lives don’t stop – and they move fast. So, more and more people are using our content not only on their desktops, but also on their phones and tablets as they move throughout their day. They’re reading articles and watching videos that are available wherever they go.

Our eHow website is the 12th largest website in the U.S. It’s the top destination for Home, #2 for Lifestyle and Money, #3 for Pets, and #5 for Style.

Our LIVESTRONG website is #3 in Health.

Our Cracked website (including our IndieClick network) is the #1 online destination for Humor.

As they say, the numbers do speak for themselves. People are finding what they need on Demand Media’s properties, and what they need is content for real life.

*All data is from comScore Oct 2012.