LIVESTRONG.COM: Our Commitment is to Our Consumers


When we started LIVESTRONG.COM almost five years ago, we wanted to create a destination where people could come to find a resource, inspiration and a community to help them start and stick with a healthy lifestyle. I am incredibly proud to look back now and see that we have accomplished that goal, and in a big way. Today more than 15 million people visit our site every month, in the US alone. They feed their families healthier meals, see transformational results from their workouts and help each other stay on course toward weight loss goals.

LIVESTRONG.COM started out of a partnership with the LIVESTRONG Foundation. We shared a common goal. We were committed then, and we are still committed now to helping people live stronger, healthier lives through our website.

Mr. Armstrong served as a spokesperson for our site until that agreement expired in December 2011. By that time LIVESTRONG.COM had established itself as a leading resource for health and fitness in its own right. Since ending our business relationship with Mr. Armstrong, we have continued to license the LIVESTRONG name that has served as the brand for the health and fitness destination we have built. We regret that the developments in Mr. Armstrong’s personal life this week – and over the past year – have led to questions about the partnerships he established with us and other brands as a representative of the Foundation. It has become an unfortunate distraction for people making a commitment to making health a priority in their everyday lives.

Our commitment is to the millions of people who come to us for content that helps them eat right, stay active, lose weight, build strength and just generally feel good because they are healthy. We will ensure they can easily access and use that content, no matter which name is attached to it.

Like many of you, we continue to watch the events unfold for Mr. Armstrong and his reputation. However, our first priority is our consumers. They will tell us what content they want to help them live a healthy lifestyle, as well as how they want to access it. We will be listening.