Unleashing the Power of Content that Goes Beyond the Campaign


Great content lasts forever.  It informs, inspires and entertains.  It gets us thinking and helps answer our toughest questions.  Content has quickly become the centerpiece of every great marketing strategy, powering brands with authentic, real voices, and offering true value to their audiences. Now, more marketers than ever are taking a step beyond traditional campaigns. They want to build deeper and more lasting consumer relationships, and they need a trusted partner to help make it happen.

We believe there is no partner better qualified than Demand Media. We’ve spent years building our content creation studio specifically designed to adapt quickly to changing market needs for new topics, new formats and new voices. Demand Media Studios brings together thousands of qualified experts who are passionate, authoritative and influential in their fields.  We introduced a new way to think about content.  We listened to consumers tell us they were looking for specific answers to questions that come up for them every day. The result is what we like to call “Content for Real Life.” Our content quickly became a fixture in people’s lives, serving as a trusted guide that could be turned to again and again for knowledge and inspiration. We wanted to make content that worked – content that was helpful and meaningful for real people.

We believe that is exactly the type of content that will help our partners create long-lasting conversations with their consumers and audiences – content that goes beyond the campaign and serves as an ongoing drumbeat to support brand themes. I’m excited to announce that we are now opening up the power of this content to brands, publishers and agencies.  Through our newly formed Content Solutions team, these partners can now access quality, expert, multi-format, intent-driven and social content. Using our Demand Media Studios platform, we can help create custom content that offers true value to their audience and ensure that information is amplified to the right audience, in the right format, at the right time. This means access to:

  • Strategic and analytical advice and insights to address partner’s key performance indicators;
  • Carefully selected and vetted experts with hands-on experience in 22 categories, from Personal Finance and Technology to Home & Garden and Parenting;
  • Innovative editorial and visual formats including video, photography, GIFs and infographics;
  • Content tailored to perform across multiple distribution channels, particularly mobile and social;
  • Contextual relevance and publishing cadence supported by an editorial calendar that incorporates seasonality;
  • A fully-managed, turnkey publishing platform for brands that need content management solutions;
  • Our experience in developing discovery and distribution strategies which work over the life of the content, not just the life of a single campaign.

Our brand, publisher and agency partners tell us they are looking for solutions to their own everyday challenges. They tell us that the largest hurdle they consistently face is getting access to content that fits their brand voice and can be strategically deployed across their marketing activities.

This is why we’ve developed Content Solutions.  We built new steps into our already-proven content creation process that, in the end, leads to content that’s been tailored to inspire and educate a brand’s own audience and fan base.  It’s already working for some of our pioneering partners, including Experian Consumer Services, RadioShack, and Samsung.  If you are ready to unleash the power of content that goes beyond the campaign, we invite you to check out our new Content Solutions site and discover what Content for Real Life can do for you.